Freelancing is a Megatrend

We are experts in PR and seeing the industry evolve is the reason we exist.

  • The days of PR being just media relations are history. One team, with one set of skills, one set of contacts no longer makes sense.
  • Employers, be they brand owners or agencies want a range of expertise, on demand.
  • They want to make the budget go further with agile skills and resourceful minds.
  • The barrier, until now, has been how to find the right people at the right time. That is the problem The PR Cavalry solves.

Our Team

Nigel Sarbutts

Nigel Sarbutts


Nigel has run three PR agencies in London, Manchester and Leeds and until creating The PR Cavalry was a PR freelancer, so he completely understands the buyer and seller mindset.

Having seen the megatrend towards flexible talent, he created The PR Cavalry to be the niche, expert platform where PR talent meets employers.

The business is supported by developer and admin resource which true to our belief in talent on demand, flexes as required.