Hire a PR Freelance Expert

Hiring a PR freelancer who REALLY knows the market you’re targeting is now as easy as finding a hotel.

  • No fees to search, no fees to hire and instant matching to our talent bank of around 2000 freelance PR experts.
  • Create your search and in seconds you’re looking at freelancers whose sector knowledge and skillsets are a bullseye for the work you have in mind.

Your Shortlist

You choose who you want to shortlist (and nobody else sees your brief)


Your Discussion

You discuss the project in more detail directly with those you shortlist


Your Terms

You contract directly with them on terms that you and the freelancer agree


No Fees for you

When you pay their invoice, we take a small commission from the freelancer, not you.

Typical Project Timeline

Five quick steps

  • Search icon


    The client creates a search

    Creating a search uses simple drop down menus plus the your description of what’s needed and then our algorithm searches our freelancer talent pool. The search is completely confidential at every stage.

  • heatmap-icon


    Our ‘heat map’ shows the matches

    In seconds we present the results in our unique talent ‘heat map’, with the client able to view the profiles of PR freelancers whose skills and experience are a match for the brief.

  • Shortlist Icon


    The client creates a shortlist

    You shortlist freelancers who look promising. Only the freelancers shortlisted see the brief and the two parties connect to discuss the details and work out if the chemistry is right.

  • Contract Icon


    The client agrees terms

    Once a scope of work, budget and payment are agreed, the client appoints on the platform; the freelancer counter-signs. The contract is directly between client and freelancer.

  • Payment Icon


    Invoicing and payment

    The freelancer invoices via our platform and payment is to our client account, where we levy 10% commission from the freelancer for work finding them that perfectly suits their skillset. We pay the freelancer in 2 working days.

How to Search for a PR Freelancer

Our quick explainer video will show how to create your search for the perfect freelance PR.

Get Hired as a PR Freelancer

Can I Discuss My Brief With You?

We are experts in PR so we’ll always be happy to offer a friendly word of advice on a brief.

Writing a PR brief is highly skilled job that can be the difference between a campaign’s success and failure. If you are weighing up your options, for a fixed fee of £250 +VAT we can offer you more detailed advice on how to shape your objectives and get the most out of your PR investment.

To find out more about this service, email hello@PRCavalry.com


How to Win More Freelance PR Work on The PR Cavalry

How Can it Be Free to Hire This Way?

Being a freelancer means a lot of time hunting for work and not all of it is ideally suited to your experience. That’s expensive for the freelancer.

With us, the work finds the freelancer and because of our precise matching of your brief to their skillsets, the work will be more efficiently done.

We’re creating a lot of value for the freelancer, so they pay us a 10% commission from their fee.

Ageism in PR

Our Business Relationship With You

We operate on the basis of transparency, honesty and trust.

We ask that you agree to our client T&Cs before you sign up and conduct discussions with freelancers via our messaging hub and deal with freelancers in the way you’d want to be treated by someone hiring you for your professional skills and expertise.

View our terms and conditions