We harness data to a real grasp of how freelancers and clients work together

At the heart of what we do is some maths which does the heavy lifting of connecting the right clients with the right freelancers. It doesn’t replace the important personal trust between freelancer and client. It makes it more likely to succeed.

It works by both freelancer and client using simple, drop-down menus to describe what each party can expect from the other.

We turn that information into our unique PR Heat Map which presents the client with a short list of freelancers with the best mix of recent experience, skills and contacts.

That avoids a huge amount of wasted time for both freelancer and client and starts the conversation based on real understanding of what the brief requires.

Then we put freelancer and client in contact and the magic happens.

How is Your Profile Presented to Clients?

Our system matches over 700 data points to arrive the heat map which clients can view in a number of different ways –

Here’s an Example of Our Heat Map

This is what a client sees once they have used our menu-based system to clarify their objectives, their audiences and the budget.

Key Points

When you create your freelancer profile you will go through some simple drop-down menus to score your abilities in each area. The client will mirror that process in describing the outcomes they would like to achieve and state what hitting those targets is worth to them.

At every step we are helping to iron out the vagueness and uncertainty that bedevil much PR work. In this example you can see a range of freelancers and how closely they meet the client’s needs and how much their day rate is.

In the near future we will be introducing ratings for both freelancers and clients to add even more transparency and certainty at the very outset of a project.

Typical project timeline

Here are the steps in a typical project

08:25 am

Client Posts a job brief

We take the information in the job brief and match it with the freelancer profile

10:00 am

A heat map shows the best matched profiles

Our algorithm shows you among other matches in the heat map

11:35 am

Clients picks a couple of freelancers and initiates First contact

Client asks a few questions before deciding who to work with

3:20 pm

Project Start

The contracts are signed, and an initial kick off fee is placed in escrow.

3:20 pm

Document Exchange

Both parties exchange info and documents via our secure messaging hub (this protects the integrity of the contract between all parties and enables the freelancer to enjoy the continued benefits of being part of the PR Cavalry)

3:20 pm

Final Step

We issue an invoice to the client on behalf of the freelancer and one to the freelancer for our commission.

Creating and Maintaining your profile

One simple rule – the more you tell us about your skills and experience – the better the odds of being matched with a client who wants what you have.

A Few Tips

Because your experience and the kind of contacts you have will change each month, it pays you to keep your profile fresh – just pitched a great feature with a journalist you haven’t worked with before? Tell us, or our algorithm won’t know! You can update it as many times as you want.

Tell us what you’re worth. If you are mad busy this month and you can’t take any work on, then either change your status to unavailable, or increase your day rate so that only the really juicy briefs come your way. If you’ve got time going spare, then you can drop your day rate to attract more work, then switch it back when it suits you.

Check the details, before you confirm that you want your profile to go live, read through our agreement which is designed to be fair to you, to the client and to us. It’s in plain English, is all about being professional and fair with each other and there being no surprises, but it is a binding document to protect everyone in case things hit a bump.