Our talent bank of around 1800 PR freelancers stretches across the UK and London is very much on the map.

Hiring a PR freelancer in the London region is easy, quick and free.

We will match your requirements is seconds to freelancers whose skills and experience are a close match to work you have in mind.

  • You chose who you want to shortlist (and nobody else sees your brief)
  • You discuss the project in more detail directly with those you shortlist
  • You contract directly with them on terms that you and the freelancer agree between you
  • When you pay their invoice, we take a small commission from the freelancer, not you, for matching them to the kind of work they do best.

How Does the Process Work?

Five quick steps

  • Search icon


    The client creates a search

    Creating a search uses simple drop down menus plus the client’s description of what’s needed and then our algorithm searches our freelancer talent pool. The search is completely confidential at every stage.

  • heatmap-icon


    Our ‘heat map’ shows the matches

    In seconds we present the results in our unique talent ‘heat map’, with the client able to view the profiles of PR freelancers whose skills and experience match their criteria for the brief.

  • Shortlist Icon


    The client creates a shortlist

    The client shortlists freelancers who look promising. Only the freelancers shortlisted see the brief and the two parties connect to discuss the details and work out if the chemistry is right.

  • Contract Icon


    The client agrees terms

    Once a scope of work, budget and payment are agreed, the client appoints on the platform; the freelancer counter-signs. The contract is directly between client and freelancer.

  • Payment Icon


    Invoicing and payment

    The freelancer invoices via our platform and payment is to our client account, where we levy 10% commission from the freelancer for work finding them that perfectly suits their skillset. We pay the freelancer in 2 working days.

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