The benefits a PR freelancer could bring to your business

The benefits a PR freelancer could bring to your business

There is already a huge industry of PR freelancers who are supporting businesses across the UK. There are a huge amount of benefits to acquiring the skills of a freelance PR consultant to fill a gap within a skill-set within a business, rather than taking someone onto full-time employment. If you've been considering the use of a public relations freelancer, then we've put together some of the benefits they can bring to your business.

1. Lower marketing costs to you

Money is not the only benefit of a PR freelancer, but it's often the first consideration we think of. A freelancer who works 2-4 days each month will always work out less than employing a full-time employee. A freelancing PR consultant will naturally have lower overheads and most freelancers work from a laptop, so can work from anywhere and you aren't responsible for their tax, NI contributions, pensions, sick pay etc.

2. No Long-term contracts

When you hire someone full-time, there is always that sense of duty to stick with them, or commitments to trial periods or minimum contract periods, even if things aren't working out exactly as you'd hoped. When you hire a freelancer, you will find someone that will fit and deliver the brief you need and if you are happy with the results, then you can work with that person again, or if they haven't delivered exactly what you are looking for, then you're not obliged to work with them further and can search for someone better suited for your business’ needs.

3. Flexible contracts

PR freelancers are often flexible in the requirements for a job. Since they're essentially their own boss, they're motivated to get things done, and to a fantastic standard. This means that if you need a task completed quicker, or in more depth, then you can discuss this with your freelancer and come to an arrangement to suit both of you. A freelancer can also work anywhere in the world. There are a multitude of ways to work alongside a freelance PR consultant, you don’t need to rely on them driving into the office every day, as you would a permanent employee.

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