Freelance PR Consultant Matchmaking

Freelance PR Consultant Matchmaking

Freelance PR consultant search is a time-consuming task for PR agencies and marketing managers of client companies.

Finding the right freelance PR consultant for a project needs a few things to come together.

  • The consultant needs to have experience in the client’s market
  • The consultant needs to have carried out similar types of task before (product launches, through leadership, CSR programmes etc)
  • The consultant needs to have recent and relevant media contacts
  • Finally, the freelance PR consultant needs to have availability and capacity to carry out the project.

If you are relying on asking around within your network of contacts if anyone knows someone who is good those hurdles are almost certainly a barrier to finding the best qualified freelance PR consultant at the right time.

How do you find a high quality freelance PR consultant?

Well you can ask colleagues, post something on LinkedIn or do a Google search.

There are other freelance search sites around but we think that they are good at returning a real mixed bag of results, rather than finding an exact match between your PR brief and a freelance PR consultant who ticks all the boxes we have listed above.

That means that whilst you might get a lot of results from your search, you are going to waste a lot of time sifting through the results to try to find the right PR freelance for your needs.

That is time-consuming with little chance of success in the time you have available to get someone briefed and up and running delivering results for your PR project.

By applying our unique heat map to your search, you can identify a freelance PR consultant who has relevant, recent experience for your project and you have the peace of mind that your brief is being professionally managed and that you have access to dispute resolution if things don’t quite go to plan.

That combination of accurate match of client and freelance, accomplished rapidly and within an open, transparent way of working is a powerful response to an old and growing problem in the PR industry.

As the PR industry moves more and more towards fluid teams of specialist skills the need for freelance PR consultants will only increase.

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